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A proud Emirati product   A proud Emirati product, Coded with passion in Dubai.

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Setup a Professional Digital Menu Within Minutes

We've added a contactless, QR Based menu as new features that comes as standard with all accounts to help you server your customers at these time of the COVID-19 Pandemic, A copy of the menu you upload to your system will be available on a URL that is automatically linked to a QR Code, this allows you to fully go digital and contactless within you restaurant or cafe and, you can send short-links via Whatsapp or any social media of these menus, all this while keeping the advanced features that Cherry Menu brings you like adding images, updates in less than a min, up-selling items...etc

CherryMenu offers an innovative, professional, and simple Digital Menu solution for your restaurant. We build applications that can cater to your unique requirements. A digital restaurant menu will allow your restaurant or café to present the menu in an appealing way and interactive manner.
At CherryMenu, our main aim is to create more interactive and engaging customer experiences that will generate higher revenues and increase margins. The integration of the CherryMenu application will enhance server and guest satisfaction immediately. With the best restaurant menu, and apps, you will be able to manage, report, and grow your business with ease.

What makes us unrivaled?
We are committed to providing you with flexible and easy to use technologies. We are always striving to adopt new trends. With our restaurant management applications and software, you will be able to provide your guests with some happy moments.

Key Benefits of our Digital Menu Boards and POS System for your restaurant:

  • Easily update the digital menu boards with new content
  • Catch most of your customers’ attention with highlighted promotions and up sell
  • Reduce the perceived wait times
  • Ensure long-term cost savings
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Main Features

  • Contactless menu New
  • Self order
  • Multiple language: Arabic and English
  • Android
  • Less than a minute to update items
  • Analytics and reports
  • Multi user
  • Items gallery: photos and videos
  • Offline, you don’t need internet to operate
  • Item features and description
  • Digital feedback form
  • Multiple ways to categories menus and items
  • Customization: your logo and background
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